Key Specifications/Special Features:

Item Name: Steel Excavator Slewing Bearing With External Gear For Sale

Type: Slewing Bearing

Material Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works

Highlight: Four Point Contact, Quick Installation, long life

Stuff Options: Internal Gear Only

Seals Type: Double Sealed

Spot of Origin: China

Material: 42CrMo

Weight: 20-5000 Kg

Guarantee: 2 Years

Yield Torque: 6.5 KN.m, 4794 lbf.ft

Establishment Site: Open Field, Flat Roof

Application: Excavator, Crane, Loader

Size: Clients Requirements

Declaration: ISO9001/CE

We had some expertise in trading vehicle parts to USA, Germany, UK and numerous Excavator bearing supplier nations for just about 12 years.

We supply the best cost and great quality items to our clients, particularly our administration.

Each client said they are exceptionally glad to help out us.

On the off chance that you have any requirements, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us unreservedly!

1,High-end configuration.Excellent execution

XE215C is appropriate for earth and stone development undertakings like metropolitan development, thruway spans, lodging development, street designing, farmland water conservancy development, port development, etc, it has highlights of good adaptability and mobility, low fuel utilization, high development effectiveness, huge burrowing power, open to driving climate and wide scope of use.

2,New generation.Environmental.Energy-saving.Large power motor

New age natural motor is received in this machine, which has both phenomenal ecological execution and huge force, coordinated with ow fuel utilization configuration, working expenses are altogether diminished, and fuel utilization is diminished by 10% or less contrasted with past age of machine.With autonomously created smart investigation type control framework in XE215C series, it tends to be coordinated productively and sensibly so the obstruction of pressure driven oil return framework is incredibly diminished, working proficiency comes to above 15% (contrasted and old model XE215C), which has the most elevated earthwork effectiveness among comparative models.

3,High quality.Enjoyable driving

(1) Driver’s taxi

Fresh out of the box new infusion shaping drive’s taxi, progressed ergonomic plan and adequate give the best workplace to administrators.

(2) Precautions against vibration

Twofold frosting glass and fluid seal shock elastic are standard so the commotion is decreased to least (diminished by 6DB) and the weariness of driver is successfully assuaged.

(3) Air-conditioner

The air volume of new sir-molding framework is expanded by 23%, which brings better warming and cooling impact and more agreeable activity.

4,Firm and efficient.Durable

(1) Structural parts

With limited component investigation for underlying parts and utilization of upgraded working gadgets, the dependability, strength, multi-mode versatility are enormously improved. It has the container with biggest limit among the very kind of models so the productivity of entire machine is incredibly improved, in the interim in general quality dissemination is advanced with amazing soundness.

(2) Carrier ang outline

The new margarine pool structure firmly guarantees oil climate of slewing instrument so its administration life is incredibly expanded; oversize slewing bearing and transporter framework bring the entire machine more grounded flexibility in mine conditions and longer help life.

5,Convenient support and administration

Day by day support and fix focuses are readily available, regardless of fuel channel or oil channel, they all can be kept up with straightforwardly remaining on the ground, with simple activity, productive upkeep tasks can be acknowledged successfully.


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