Screw threads can be frequently seen in many mechanical components. Pioneers in the industry, we provide semi automatic thread rolling machine, circular thread rolling machines, trm-40 thread rolling machine, trm-30 thread rolling machines, trm-25 expo thread rolling machine and trm-24 expo thread rolling machine from India.

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Cold forming machine for fasteners 

At Mule Technology, we take the feel” out of thread rolling. Making use of 20+ years of engineering and production knowledge, Mule Technologies converts the Art to a science. New & Utilised Thread Rolling Machine Sales. Thread Rolling Inc. has expertise roll threading and roll knurling parts produced from a diverse range of metals.

Our three die cylindrical Thread Rolling Machine which produces 60 tons of rolling force, you can kind up to 10 mm pitch screws, knurls and splines in a shorter time than machining. Nevertheless an additional embodiment of the present invention, wherein two thread rolling dies are mounted on every single shaft.