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I would like to preface my remarks by stating that the problem with writing African History, there are some gaps that even the researchers accede to the paucity and total lack of information in many instances that they speculate, guess or leave space unfilled, that in the end, there is essential information left out of their researches I have come with the notion not to use these methods, but cull from the accessible concrete data that makes African history turn into 1 seamless narrative.

What sort of changes did the media of the printing press and movable variety bring about. It meant the end of manuscript culture, to be positive, but the consequences were significantly a lot more far-reaching than the loss of jobs for scribes and monks. ‘Printing was the mechanization of writing.’In our present future’ as I have pointed out from Douglass Rushkoff, we are living with our technologies here and now. They are what we rely on when ahead of we depended on out minds and recollection. Now we have ceded that function and several to our smartphones and the new merging and emerging gizmos that abound for the customers to buy, at affordable rates.

The struggle against the bourgeoisie of beneath-developed nations is far from being a theoretical a single. It is not concerned with producing out its condemnation as laid down by the judgement of history. The national bourgeoisie of under-created nations should not be opposed simply because it threatens to slow down the total, harmonious improvement of the nation. It need to merely be stoutly opposed simply because, literally, it is great for nothing at all. This bourgeoisie, expressing its mediocrity in its earnings, its achievements and in its believed, tries to hide this mediocrity by buildings which have prestige worth at the person level, by chromium plating on big American vehicles, by holidays on the Riviera and week-ends in neon-lit evening-clubs.